OptiFast Diet – Day 4

We have officially reached day four of this adventure. I haven’t been physically sick since Tuesday, but I haven’t felt wonderful either.

I am very very exhausted, every day. I went to a shopping centre yesterday with a friend and after 45 minutes of walking around I was ready to curl up into a ball on one of those little leather lounges that they have everywhere for the poor unfortunate partners who are dragged to the shops by their significant other. I honestly feel like a tortoise when I move around, I am so incredibly slow at the moment.


I bought the OptiFast bars that was suggested to me and while they sit a bit better in my tummy, they taste like armpit (well, what I imagine an armpit to taste like. I don’t go around licking armpits, okay). The flavour and texture sort of reminds me of the old space bars you would get in your lunch box when you were a kid.

My dietician called me back yesterday and discussed doing a food based VLED (very low energy diet) if the bars don’t work for me either. She believes the lactose in the OptiFast is what’s making my stomach so upset. She also suggested trying the soups but I cannot stand soups, ever. People who enjoy soups absolutely baffle me. It’s just like drinking chunky (or smooth), warm sauce, which is not exactly my idea of a good time. The texture just completely throws me off.

Here’s a breakdown of what the food based diet would consist of:

  1. Breads and cereals: one piece of bread or small serving of breakfast cereal
  2. Fruit: one piece of fruit per day
  3. Milk: one serve of milk or yoghurt per day
  4. Meat and meat alternatives: 200g of lean meat or equivalent per day
  5. Fats and oils: 3 teaspoons of oil or margarine or equivalent per day

+ low energy (approved) vegetables as desired

I’m really trying to stick out with this OptiFast diet, I don’t want to give up. I know it’s not making me feel well, but this is the diet that works best before having the gastric sleeve. So I’ll keep you updated on whether or not I decide to move onto the food based diet.

I have my psychologist appointment tomorrow; from what I understand, it’s to ensure I’m in the right mindset to go forward with the surgery. So obviously having the appointment when I’m hungry, tired and hormonal is a fabulous idea. He’ll witness me at my finest, almost-ready-for-a-breakdown, moment.

I’m definitely going to try and update you all every couple of days or so. Just to keep a running documentation of this fabulous diet.



5 thoughts on “OptiFast Diet – Day 4

  1. Stephanie says:

    I follow u on instagram, i sincerily admire you… i hope u get what you really need & want with this process 😊, sorry for my english hahahaha im learning to type it 😳 wooopsie…
    Good luck!!!


  2. Becky M says:

    Hi ☺
    I just wanted to say how brave you are to put yourself out there. When I was 15 I had the gastric band and it was a total disaster even after a replacement. Now at 25 I’m looking at getting the sleeve by Dr Liew on the Goldcoast. But first to remove the band!
    I remember the liquid diet stage, its so hard. But remember your body is having withdrawals so it is to be expected to not be 100%.
    I look forward to seeing the transformation girl – your going to kill it!


    • gemmaashleigh says:

      I heard way to many horror stories for the band to ever consider it! A lot of people I know who had the band had it revised and got the sleeve. I’ve also heard AMAZING things about Dr Liew so I wish you all of the luck!
      And thank you, I’m not feeling like this liquid diet is worth it right now but I have to keep reminding myself that it is…


  3. Abbey says:

    Hey Gemma,

    Just wanted to know did you end up having to go to a low calorie diet instead? Im at the end of day 8 of optifast and I have felt horrendous the whole time! I have tried everything and I have felt sick and so tired the whole time. About to call my surgeon tomorrow cause I feel so horrible. Im worried about it cause I dont want to seem like im giving up.
    So proud of your progress by the way! Looking amazing! Cant wait till im out of surgery in 12 days time.


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