OptiFast Diet – Day 10

Sorry I haven’t updated you all much over the last few days. My days are pretty repetitive and boring at the moment. Same breakfast, same snacks, same lunch and same dinner; all day, every day…


I weighed in this morning at 137.0kg, so a total loss of 5.5kg in 9 days. I also thought it was about time I listed my measurements, something I wasn’t sure I was going to do. But seeing the numbers go down this much in a week has given me that little confidence boost I needed to post them.

Bust: 128cm -> 123cm

Waist: 109cm -> 104cm

Hips: 144cm -> 139cm

Upper arm: 48cm -> 45cm

Wrist: 18cm -> 17cm

Mid-thigh: 85cm -> 83cm

Calf: 56cm -> 54cm

Ankle: 30cm -> 29cm

I’m already struggling with my pants, the only thing holding them up at the moment is my enormous butt. How do WLS patients keep up with their wardrobe? At this rate, nothing is going to fit me in a few weeks time.

I also officially paid off my surgeon fees yesterday, so that was a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders.

Sorry this wasn’t a super exciting update, but it had been a few days and I wanted to let everyone who was interested know whats been happening. Which has been nothing..

– G


2 thoughts on “OptiFast Diet – Day 10

    • gemmaashleigh says:

      Prices depend on your surgeon, hospital and insurance. You’re best to research local surgeons and have some consultations 🙂


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